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Social Adult Day Care Center

Enhancing Life...

Providing care and companionship for seniors in need of assistance, in a safe and comforting environment.

Growing older is a gift to be enjoyed. We are honored to help our seniors live healthier and happier lives.

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Welcome to Sundance

We are a dedicated team of health care professionals, with over 20 years of combined experience managing and operating senior adult care centers.

It is our pride and joy to share our passion to serve senior communities in Brooklyn. At Sundance, we treat each other as family.

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What We Provide:


Day Care Services

We provide seniors with care, health monitoring, hot nutritious meals and entertainment to enhance their lives and well-being.


Home Care Services

Our home care service provides a professional caregiver to help the elderly with their daily tasks in the comfort of their home.


Day Care Activities

We offer a number of supervised daily activities, exercises, and games to keep seniors active in both body and mind.


Events Calendar

We regularly update our monthly calendar to keep our seniors looking forward to future workshops and celebrations.


Caring Health Professionals

Families can rest easy knowing that their loved one is safe and taken care of by our certified caregivers.


Life Improvement and Independence

Our daily programs are designed to benefit the elderly in many ways. We strive to help prolong independence, improve health and increase quality of life.


Why Choose Our Sundance Family?

At Sundance, our staff is very welcoming and caring and will make sure that you and your family member(s) feel right at home.


Two Convenient Locations

Our two adult day care centers are conveniently located in Brooklyn, giving our seniors options close to home.

Adult Daycare Services

Come and join us at Sundance Social Adult Day Care! Where smiles, laughter, kindness and caring, surround you from the moment you walk through the door!




Health Monitoring








Life Enhancing Benefits

Adult Daycare Activities

At Sundance, we offer a variety of supervised daily activities, designed to keep seniors healthier in body and mind.

  • All Activities
  • Body
  • Mind
  • Spirit

Stretching, Tai Chi & Yoga For Seniors

Memory Exercises

Karaoke and Music Therapy

Diabetic Monitoring

Basic Computer Training

Birthday & Holiday Celebration

Blood Pressure Monitoring



Caregiver Update

Games and Puzzles

Social Services

Senior Programs & Assistance

We collaborate with our partners to assist seniors with additional social services and nourishing programs. Please contact us by email or phone. We are always happy to answer any of your questions or to receive a referral.

Food Pantry



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