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Adult Day Care Services

Our Adult Day Care services for seniors in Brooklyn

At Sundance Social Adult Day Center, we offer all the services and supervision that seniors require in order to be healthy, nurtured, safe, and entertained.

Health Monitoring


We will continually monitor your senior for changes in their existing health conditions, as well as in their general health and well-being.

  • Blood Pressure Checks :- Blood pressure can be a serious concern for seniors. We check blood pressure on a daily basis to keep tabs on your loved one’s overall health.
  • Check Sugar Levels :- Sugar levels are another important component of good senior health, which is why we perform these checks on a regular basis.
  • Medication Management :- We make sure seniors take their medications as prescribed.


Eating well can be a challenge for seniors living alone. For various reasons our bodies change as we get older, including perceptual, physiological and age-related dental or gastrointestinal conditions. These changes influence our eating habits and performance of our bodies. It is very important for the elderly to have regular nutrient balanced meals and snacks.

  • Keep the body strong and mind sharp
  • Elevate energy levels
  • Prevent and improve health conditions
  • Eliminate stress from shopping or cooking
  • Enjoying meals with companions

A Vast Array of Activities


It’s important to keep seniors active and engaged so they can live longer, healthier lives. When you choose us as your adult day care in Brooklyn, you will gain access to the social interactions and a number of activities.

  • Music Therapy
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Brain Fitness Program
  • Memory Exercises
  • Card Games & Bingo
  • Yoga and stretching
  • Field Trips to Museums, Parks & Sporting Events
  • Outdoor Gardening
  • Karaoke Parties
  • Monthly Birthday Parties
  • Stretching & Strength Building

Education Is Key

While fun is part of our program, we also place emphasis on education, helping seniors keep their minds sharp and giving them useful new skills. Some of the educational programs we offer include:

  • ESL Classes :- The ability to speak English can be invaluable. We help seniors learn this language so they can more effectively communicate in their daily lives.
  • Computer Training :- Computers have become an important component in daily life. We teach seniors how to make the most of this technology to stay in touch and better their lives.
  • Monthly Health Care Education
  • Fall Prevention

Seniors Benefit from Social Day Care Services


Many of our clients choose our adult day care in Brooklyn over our home care services because it provides seniors with more extensive benefits. Seniors who attend our program enjoy:

  • More social interaction, giving them the chance to spend time with their peers and get to know new people
  • Increased independence, allowing them to handle more aspects of their daily lives when they are at home
  • Improved mental focus by keeping their brains stimulated and active
  • Greater confidence as seniors discover they can still do many of the things they love

We Provide Transportation Services

Our senior day care facilities are all about convenience. We understand you can’t always get your loved one to us, which is why we offer transportation services to ensure your loved one gets the care they need.

  • Reliable Door-to-Door Transport
  • Timely schedule
  • Regular and familiar company drivers